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Estes Park Campground
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Porky Sees Estes Park

We stayed in Estes Park for three nights, which left a lot of time to explore.

The campground itself was very nice and I took a sunset stroll every night around our loop.

Estes Park Campground:

Estes Park Campground

Estes Park Campground

I did get to go into Rocky Mountain National Park!!!  My second NP so far!

Rocky Mountain National Park
I wasn’t allowed to hike, which really disappointed me because my parents got to see a few Elk swimming in Emerald Lake.  I did get to see an Elk in town, but it wasn’t the same.

Elk Swimming in Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Rocky Mountain National Park
I did get to go to a brewery, but I wasn’t allowed to have any beer.  I guess I am still underage even though I’m over 100.

Rock Cut Brewery

Rock Cut Brewery Estes Park

Charlie got to go on a hike that my legs couldn’t handle.  He came back exhausted but happy.

Lily Mountain Hike:

Lily Mountain Hike

hiking video coming soon!

Rocky Mountain National Park – Bear Lake Corridor:

Road Trip 2021 Series:

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